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Holl & Kamp presents Cocktail Caviar

Bubble infused cocktail mixer

Holl & Kamp is an alcoholic beverage company. The flagship brand is Cocktail Caviar, small pop-able spheres of alcohol that will change the way you think and transform the way you drink. Cocktail Caviar is 28-proof naturally flavored vodka, whiskey, rum or wine that is encapsulated in a natural plant-based edible gel coating. In a glass of wine, Cocktail Caviar is the pearl at the bottom–the best saved for last. Frozen, it’s top-shelf cocktail ice or a shareable dessert (imagine melon-ball sorbet that’s not only deliciously alcoholic, but actually in little balls). Cocktail Caviar is the ultimate signature ingredient in signature cocktails. It’s a unique up-sell that outsells the “floater.” A crowd-pleasing, conversation inducing aperitif before the meal. A premium dessert topping after. We’re located in Brooklyn, New York, home of the Coney Island hot dog, the Williamsburg hipster, and, soon, a cocktail revolution. Cocktails will never be the same.

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