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Michael Blaustein

Venture Partner | Technology and Innovation

Michael is focused on the strategic planning, research, and growth of Redbadges’ technology and innovative management investments. Micheal is recently retired from the DuPont Company where he was Director of DuPont Ventures and Planning Director for Science and Technology. He began his DuPont career in developing new product and applications for the Kevlar® and Nomex® aramid fibers businesses. He has held technology, marketing, and business leadership positions in DuPont Nonwovens and DuPont Advanced Fibers Systems as well as the Business Director for DuPont Nonwovens (Tyvek®) in Europe in 1997.

In 2001 he became Planning Director for DuPont Central Research and Development and in 2006 he added Dupont’s venture capital investments to his responsibilities. With a BA in chemistry from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Yale University, Michael has worked on technology portfolios and innovation management with external parties on collaborative research and open innovation.